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What parameters of Google Analytics should owners of various types of resources examine?

If you are an internet marketer with experience, the huge amount of numbers and types of data in Google Analytics may bring you to a screeching halt and discourage the desire to delve into something at all. I wrote this article for you could at least a little orient in all the variety of indicators of Google Analytics. So, if you are:


1. The owner of an online store

For online store the most important thing – is certainly sale. All work and actions ultimately are aimed at the implementation of one global problem – to sell the goods.
Because without them, any, even the bet indicators of the traffic, duration of visits, bounce rate, etc. lose their meaning.
How to keep track of sales with the help of web analytics? To do this, we have a special subsection “Goal” in the section “Conversion”. More difficult variant for implementation is “E-commerce” way. We consider both.
To begin with, let us remember what way a buyer does before you get an order from him:
1) He clicks on the button “Add to basket”.
2) Moves to the basket or presses the button “Checkout”.
3) Gets to the checkout page.
4) Selects the type of delivery and payment.
5) Presses the “Confirm” button.
6) Get to the page “Thank you for your order.”
In your shop there can be such or another sequence, but at least it will look like this one.
If we want to track sales through the “Objectives” section then we need at least such pages as “Shopping” and “Thank you for your order” have some particular unique url-address. It is important because otherwise we will not be able to track them as targets.
To configure them, go to the section Manager, in the right column “Representation”, select the item “Objectives”. Go, press the red button


In the field “Name” write the unique and clear to you name of the goal (ex: order of the goods), select the type “Target”, in the “Details of the purpose” fill in url-address you want to monitor.
What parameters of Google Analytics should examine owners of various types of resources
Then we can set up a sequence of goals
If before ordering the product, the buyer:

  • signed in the basket;
  • selected the method of delivery;
  • choosed a method of payment.


and at the same time, these steps had been on different specific url-s, then the whole sequence of actions we can add to the section “The sequence of target tracking” and as a result we will have a visual sales funnel.
What parameters of Google Analytics should examine owners of various types of resources
This funnel we can track only later, when Google Analytics collects data about user behavior. It must be sought in section Conversions -> Objectives -> Visualization of sequence to the goal. And it may look like this.
Here you can see what percentage of customers comes to an end by the conversion way, at what stages does the failure of the orders happen oftener and where exactly these people go.
If you then compare the indicators for different types of traffic: organic search results, context advertising, and traffic from social networks – you will get a good quality analysis of various types of online advertising.

2. If you are the owner of the news website

These sites include those Web resources, whose main task is to bring to the user a certain interesting content. It is news portals, thematic websites with articles, blogs, etc.
To track such a website with web analytics, we firstly need to understand from what the effectiveness of the site consits of. If the site earns from advertising impressions, then it will be intereting for us to find out the total amount of traffic, as well as its sources.
Another important indicator is the depth of view (number of visited pages), and the total time spent on the site. The higher these parameters, the more the site can earn.
Let’s say we need to decide what channel of attraction of traffic is more profitable for us and to what type of online advertising we should better invest. For that we are looking at the comparative description of the sources of traffic, which is placed here “Traffic Sources → Channels.”
Small detail: between the graph and table there is a column “The main option,” it is better to switch it to the “source or channel” immediately.
What parameters of Google Analytics should examine owners of various types of resources

If you have an online store, then the main parameter in this report will be a column “Conversion”, and if the information site “Action.”

If the main income of the site is brought by subscribers then it is important to monitor exactly them. To do this, you can track by clicking the”Subscribe” button. Unlike the post services, which also provide information about the number of subscribers for any period, Google Analytics can tell where they come from.
For that, we need to set up the tracking of events “Subscription” first .
As in the first case, we go to the section “Objectives” and create a new goal, but at this time choose the type of target “Event”. Now fill the first two lines: the category and the action of event (in this case, the category can be “delivery”, “subscription”) and save the goal.
Then, in the code of this button on the site, add the following code:
ga (‘send’, ‘event’, ‘button’, ‘dispatch’, ‘sign’);
Results for tracking of events is placed in the section “Conversion”.

3. If you are the owner of a small website

Ideally, if all potential customers who come from the site, contact you via the order form or order button of callback, or in any another way through the site. But practice shows that 80% of visitors still prefer to communicate by telephone. Therefore, to track the effectiveness of a site we can only indirectly.
But on what should we draw our attention in this case? Firstly, on the general dynamics of traffic. If we know that 600 visitors per month give us 12 customers, then an increase in traffic of up to 1200 people per month will give us 24 orders.
What parameters of Google Analytics should examine owners of various types of resources?
To compare the data for last month with the past, get in the top right corner the selection of the date, open the calendar and select “compared with the previous month.”

Then we look at the overall traffic sources. If you see that people are coming to our site mainly from one channel, for example, by the direct traffic, then we can think about whether to add other marketing channels, for example, SEO and context advertising to attract new visitors to the site.
Also it is necessary to set up on the site so-called micro-conversions. They also wll help you to indirectly evaluate every single advertising channel. For example, it can be transition to the page “Contact Us”, download of the price list * or filling the feedback form.
All these micro-conversions also can be tracked in the “Conversion → Goal” or if you open a comparison chart of different sources of traffic and see where the percentage of conversions would be the highest.
*Download of the price list is also configured through the event tracking.

I hope these simple recommendations will help you to understand such important for internet marketing tool as Google Analytics. What will in turn faster and more efficiently expand your business.



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