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Using Content Gap Analysis to Identify Winning Market Opportunities

Date: 17th of May

Time: 9am LA, 12pm NY, 5pm London, 19.00 Kiev

    Major points:

  • Identify how closely you compete with other businesses
  • Highlight the overlapping services and product offerings within your industry
  • Identify the service and product offerings currently available within your industry that you do not offer
  • Extract a list of opportunities and sort the list by past search volume
  • Feel confident in your research and begin to create new content!



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John Gibbings

John Gibbings has been working, adapting and succeeding within an organic search for multi-million dollar companies since 2011. He has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of industries that have individually focused on local search, e-commerce competition and lead generation. He is a Senior SEO Consultant with Angular Marketing, where he works to ensure that the best focus and care are given to each client.

email:, twitter: @JohnGibbings, LinkedIn:

About Webinar

A Content Gap Analysis is used to help identify content that competitors have on their website that is driving traffic and business to them, where you could also find success in advertising. Analyzing the content of competitors will help you find new ways to expand your products and service offerings in order to better meet the needs of your target audience. Using real world data, based off of your competitors’ actions that will help highlight profitable opportunities in which to expand and thrive!


This webinar has special features, Guests of Honor(confirmed)
tripp hamilton
Tripp Hamilton, Director of Search Engine QA at Angular
Robert Sherwood
Robert Sherwood, Founder, Director of Community Outreach at Oak City Technology

Zara Altair
Zara Altair, Semantic Writing. Actation Now!

Brian McDowell
Brian McDowell, President of SERP Strategies, LLC
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  • Search Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Marketing Directors

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