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Ammon Johns, boy from Peckham

No journalism, no fiction. Ammon Johns about himself:   So, just in case anyone is actually interested, here’s a little bit about where I come from:   Here’s where I grew up:       Wood Dene, Peckham     It was as gray and sterile an environment of concrete as it looks, although there


Pozo Bene

by Anton Shulke The title sounds ridiculous and of course, it is but wasn’t exactly my invention. Google translate is guilty, not me. Do you use Google Translate? Maybe as a quick dictionary, at least? Well, I do sometimes, it is pretty basic and would be a bad idea translate big and important stuff with


How to be an Affiliate and Survive in Google

Pedro Dias is a SEO consultant and ex-Google Search Quality team member, currently Partner and Managing Director at apis3.   Principles below are valid for affiliates and for all businesses that want to survive online and as businesses. The most important thing for an affiliation, as an intermediary seller of someone else’s goods or services, is