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  • Enrollment Date: 26 Jan
  • Course Duration: 3,5 weeks (7 lectures)
  • Tutors: Vladimir Galika,
  • Skill Level: Start
  • Cost: $299
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Stay in touch with your audience through social media

Social media have become one of the primary communication channels on the Internet and thus transformed word-of-mouth into a powerful and highly lucrative marketing tool. Conversations about brands and industries are continuously taking place across the media and users perceive them as of the most trusted sources of information about the products. That’s why more and more companies choose SMM as a primary tactic for their business.


Why do you need SMM?

You can reach much bigger audiences by sharing your content on social media and convert your customers into brand advocates encouraging them for continuous social interaction. More and more companies are using SMM technologies to maintain an ongoing dialogue with their customers thus increasing their loyalty for company’s brand.


  • 10 weeks

  • 8 lectures

  • 6 lecturers

Why We Created This Course?


Delivering personalized communications to a consumer is rather a sophisticated thing that requires a set of particular skills. Not all the marketers truly understand how to use social media to grow trust and form beneficial company-customer relations. We definitely know how to enhance your brand’s potential by creating engaging content and involving Internet users in its sharing on social networks.You will also get the best metrics to measure the efficiency of such interaction.

Course Programme

  • 1. Social Media Marketing (features)

    Statistics of global usage of social media

    Options of using social media for business

    Working with target audience in social media

    Efficiency assessment in SMM

  • 2. Strategy

    Basic modules of integral promotion strategy in social media

    Development period and stages of implementation

  • 3. Content strategy

    types of content

    content sources

    schedules and periods of posting

    making-up a content plan

  • 4. Targeted advertising

    how targeted advertising works

    configuration methods

    how to evaluate efficiency

  • 5. Organic promotion

    how to effectively define your target audience and work with it

    effective promotional tools

  • 6. Working with negative feedbacks

    types of negative feedbacks

    methods to control negative feedbacks

    stepwise algorithms to work with negative feedbacks


100% Money Back Guarantee
In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the course taken, we will refund the full cost of the course


Why You Need To Take It?

SEO_05 Increase engagement
Implementing actionable social media strategy will allow you to increase engagement of your audience and gain their loyalty by staying in the forefront of their minds. This is a great way to drive additional traffic to your site.
SEO_06 Build brand credibility
Smart using of social media services will encourage your customers to trust your brand through a series of positive experiences. This will improve brand perception, reputation, and customer loyalty.

Who Is This Course For?

Marketing strategists
engaged in development, execution and assessment of promotion campaigns
Entrepreneurs and business owners aiming to get the highest ROI from their efforts in digital marketing Internet marketers
intending to develop their marketing skills and competencies and thus contribute to their career development

After Attending This Course, You Will:

Use proper social media channels for your brand promotion Develop actionable customer engagement strategy in social media
Identify opinion leaders and develop ongoing relations with them Continuously improve your services by getting free feedbacks from your audience
Create sharable content and involve your customers into easy and natural communication Measure the efficiency of your SMM campaigns

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