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Free online conference «WebPromo SMM Day


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20th of May. Social Media Marketing Day.

The big part of this Conference will be in Russian language, if you are interested please press here. But as usual, we have an International Section (English). We have done dozens of conferences, most of them on SEO, this one is on SMM. We all use Social Media, marketing nowadays doesn’t work without them, we live in Social Media and there are tons of “gurus” around. Sometimes I think there are more SMM Gurus than people, but as always there are Gurus and there are Gurus. Check out our choice, you won’t be disappointed.
Time used is BST. British Summer Time, London


Eric Enge&Mark Traphagen, Eric is founder and CEO, and Mark is Senior Director of Marketing, at Stone Temple Consulting, a 60+ person digital marketing agency serving some of the top brands in the world. Eric is also lead author of The Art of SEO, and Eric and Mark both write for major publications and speak at top marketing conferences. Here’s Why” Digital Marketing Videos became Classics. These short videos are very valuable and hilarious at the same time, I don’t think there is anything that matches them if you are up to video learning.


Randy Milanovic is CEO of Kayak Online Marketing (Calgary, Canada). He is the lead marketer for KAYAK, as well as the author of three books covering the topics of content marketing & SEO, social engagement, and creating better business websites. Randy led a collaborative effort to create the book, “Disruption: How Successful People Use Social Media for Business“ with many guest authors who connected via GooglePlus. He is presenting on the topic of Setting SMARTer Goals for Social Media.


Ben Fisher&Dustin W. Stout, Ben is the Founder and Lead Consultant at Steady Demand. A Social Media Optimization company focused on how social and content affect search and the buyer’s journey. Ben Fisher has over 15 years experience in Internet Marketing. Mr. Fisher is an experienced veteran in the SEO and Social Media space. He began experimenting and practicing these disciplines in 1994 when Internet Marketing and SEO were not even buzzwords.
Dustin is Chief Marketing Officer at Weal Media. Dustin is a web designer, branding enthusiast, blogger and social media junkie. Creativity is his fuel, social media is his game, and Jesus is his homie.


WebPromoExperts DigitalBee

  • 3 speakers

    1 section

  • 1.5 hours online

    with SMM gurus

  • Q&A

    with SMM gurus


International Speakers (English)

  • 16:45
    Eric Enge
    Mark Traphagen
    (Stone Temple)

    Social Media and SEO: Leveraging Each Other to New Heights

  • 17:15
    Randy Milanovic
    (KAYAK Online Marketing)

    Randy Milanovic

    Setting SMARTer Goals for Social Media

  • 17:45
    Ben Fisher
    (Steady Demand)
    Dustin W. Stout
    (Weal Media)

    Ben Fisher and Dustin Stout

    Social & Content – A Buyer’s Journey

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