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SEO Day Conference 12th of February

12th February SEO day WP team

We have done a lot of Conferences. I personally was involved in 3 of them that’s on a top of 60+ webinars I have hosted. Seems like routine… Well, not really, especially if you meet new speakers, star speakers, number one One in the industry. That was a case, on 12th of February. 5 presentations, well 1 recorded one: Dixon Jones from Majestic wasn’t able to make it so we recorded his one early. 3 Live presentations and live Q&A with the wizard of MOZ.


The wizard of MOZ

It wasn’t easy to arrange Q&A with Rand, well Rand actually wasn’t involved but his assistant responsive and effective Nicci. Thank you, Nicci for making it happened. I read everything that was written about Rand for last year, listen to a couple of his interviews, and had some ideas what I was going to ask, but a couple of days before the conference came the news Rand is publishing his first book. Great! I added a question. On the day of Conference I checked Mozblog and found that they have just (on 11th but we have 10 hours difference in time) Moz annual report, I still had time to read it…



Boaz Sasson, Similarweb

I already worked with Boaz Sasson, he almost gave me a heart attack when he appeared some 15 minutes before his presentation on the previous Conference and didn’t answer calls before. But since we had done webinar and couple of long “Quora” conversations, I knew Boaz will be in time ready with his technical highly sophisticated stuff. The only thing was he has changed his position in Similarweb recently and I wasn’t sure how is it called today, so I called him “everything in Similarweb” he was clearly annoyed and corrected me.




Michael Stricker, Last strike for SEMrush

Michael Stricker was the last person I expected any surprises. Hold on here. 2 days before the conference Michael called me a informed, he is no longer with SEMrush, and asked either accepted him as independent or change the speaker, thank God all parties agreed to leave Michael’s presentation as it was. On 12th of February Michael Stricker has delivered his “last song” under SEMrush.




Susan Moeller, BuzzSumo goes viral

The original plan with BuzzSumo was Steve Rayson presentation, I knew Steve was moving to Australia and New Zealand for a couple of months, the choice was: recorded presentation or changing the speaker. Here comes Susan Moeller! I like to work with Steve, but Susan is absolutely brilliant, besides being a very engaging speaker she is very good with timing, believe me, it is rare ability.




Dixon Jones, Big business thinking

As I mentioned before Dixon wasn’t able to make it live at this Conference, so we have recorded his presentation. Recording itself was fun which we could not deliver of course. But Dixon promised a webinar with us so we will have him live here.



Anton Shulke

Anton Shulke