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Free online conference «WebPromo SEO Day


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19th of August. SEO Day.

The big part of this Conference will be in Russian language, if you are interested please press here. But as usual, we have an International Section (English). We have done dozens of conferences, most of them on SEO, and this one is not an exception. SEO is dead, well that has been said thousand times, but SEO like a phoenix: adapt and reign again. We will have brilliant SEO writer, the best SEO auditor in the industry and Bing (Google and Yandex are in Russian language section). You won’t be disappointed!
Time used is BST. British Summer Time, London


David Amerland is a British journalist and author of the best­selling SEO Help and Google Semantic Search.

He’s worked with Rutgers University on their regional mini­MBA program and has presented to blue­chip executives on the value of search and social media crisis management techniques in Prague, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore and Zug. He writes for Social Media Today, Forbes and HP UK on social business issues, the use of data analysis in marketing and the impact of changes in search for the enterprise.

His blog: attracts over 50,000 unique visitors a month. His writings on SEO, social media and journalism appear on many websites and magazines and he is frequently quoted by industry experts.

He is a leading expert on semantic search and social media crisis management. His books on search and social media have been adopted as textbooks by Universities in Ireland and the US. His latest book is The Tribe That Discovered Trust.


Alan Bleiweiss, With 16 years of search marketing experience, and 21 total providing internet marketing consulting services to clients around the globe, Alan has spent the past four years specializing in forensic site audits. As someone passionate about best practices methodology, Alan’s desire, above all else, is to help educate and train site owners, site managers, and search optimization specialists bridge the gap from commonly known/understood thinking to advanced critical thinking that provides the best chances for sustainable success in a continually evolving industry.
Alan Bleiweiss, probably, is the best auditor in the industry.


Purna Virji is Senior Bing Ads Client Dev. & Training Specialist at Microsoft. For well over a decade, Purna has been living, breathing and dreaming PPC, SEO, analytics and content strategy. Her devotion to all things digital marketing has seen her regularly write for industry publications and speak at conferences across the globe such as SMX Advanced and MozCon. An award-winning former journalist, Purna was the CEO of Purview Marketing prior to joining the Bing Ads team.
Purna is a well-known author on Voice Search, check her Moz Publication.


WebPromoExperts DigitalBee

  • 3 speakers

    1 section

  • 1.5 hours online

    with SEO gurus

  • Q&A

    with SEO gurus


International Speakers (English)

  • 17:15
    17:45 5.15pm(BST) 5.45pm(BST)
    David Amerland
    (SEO writer)

    SEO in the age of AI

  • 17:45
    18:15 12.45pm(ET) 1.15pm(ET)
    Purna Virji

    Purna Virji

    Voice Search

  • 18:15
    19:45 10.15am(PT) 10.45am(PT)
    Alan Bleiweiss
    (SEO Auditor)

    Alan Bleiweiss

    Identifying, Evaluating and Putting the right Data to Use in SEO

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Backlink Data Partner

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