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How to use quest blogging for building business.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is the Community and Brand Manager of Internet Marketing Ninjas and founder of MyBlogU, a collaboration network for creating epic content. She is a contributor for Search Marketing Standard magazine, a premium online marketing publication delivered via print.
Not links and clicks, but influence is what really matters
I’ve done my first guest blogging at in 2008. I was super nervous about blogging at such a huge site, however next month I got the invitation to guest post at Search I did my first article there and it brought me a position of regular columnist at the same journal, which was a huge brand building benefit for me.


guest blogging benefits


 I was blogging weekly for that huge site, which allowed me to get known at the industry. I had lots of sales and recognition and all that thanks to a couple of posts that I did two months earlier. I was not thinking much about links and traffic. I was building my expertise and so, I was building my business. The traffic was not huge, but it was very targeted and efficient. So, I started guest posting more and more.

Guest blogging allows you to choose the opportunities

Since I started guest posting I’ve never been looking for clients. My guest posting were speaking louder than me. I was getting a lot of invitations and I was working with different sites and communities. My strategy was to guest post wherever I could, but to choose the best I can benefit from. I also applied to some of the huge sites myself and the first thing for effective application is to work on the ’about page’ with all the information about yourself.


guest blogging opposrunities
To contact a huge contributor you can:


  • Find common connections at Twitter & Linkedin
  • Ask a current contributor for an introduction
  • Connect with editors on social media.


Just sending the e-mail never worked for me, so I used social media. First of all Linkedin, where you can see, how you are connected to the company and who could introduce you to the right people. Linkedin is where I got my best columns from.

More creative ways to reach prospective editors:



  • Apply to be an one time contributor
  • Share an idea for an article series or column
  • Apply to be interviewed to do a webinar or case study
  • Join the Twitter Chat set up by editorial team
  • Participate in their Google Hangout
  • Connect with them on the event


Many people start guest posting, because of links, as they drive higher rankings and traffic. When you do so, you need to remember that when you start sneaking your links in the article (in order to get more) you are running into a risk of screwing that opportunity up. It was absolutely different for me, as I was guest posting in order to become known at the industry and to build my authority. All in all, guest posting is all about trust and exposure.

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