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PPC: online advertising with Google AdWords

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PPC: online advertising with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the best way to get started in digital marketing if you need quick results from your ad campaign. This technology allows you efficiently generate targeted traffic and get instant benefits from your paid search marketing. Being highly analytical it provides you with some techniques to optimize the results of your campaign and delivers measurable ROI. Since you only pay for ad clicks, you can control how your budget is being spent.


What is PPC?
In “pay-per-click” you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. The price of the click depends on how much is your maximum bid and how competitive this sector is. There are two things you can do to get your ads at the top: to pay more or to create the most relevant ads with high quality landing pages.
Why do you need PPC?
Organic SEO is the best long-term promotional strategy, but sometimes you cannot wait. If you need to boost your sales immediately, paid search is right for you. Using Google AdWords makes PPC advertising easy to manage.

Why Did We Create This Course?


We focused on developing highly targeted paid search campaigns that allow you to bring the most relevant customers to your website in the shortest time possible. Pay Per Click on the Google AdWords platform is the great instrument for creating such campaigns, but if used badly it’s really easy to throw money away. That is why we created this course to save your time and money.

Course Programme

  • 1. Paid search advertising and its interrelation with analytics

    advantages and main features of PPC

    basic tools

    methods of payment

    interrelation of PPC with analytics systems

  • 2. Setting up an account + keywords selection

    account structure

    keywords and principles of their selection

    ‘negative keywords’

    basic rules of working with keywords

  • 3. Creating ads

    ads types

    details of ads and ad groups creation process

    expanding ads

  • 4. Launching campaign in a search engine

    practical training in launching ad campaign in a search engine

  • 5. PPC media network

    features of PPC media network

    targeting configurations and methods of payment

    advertisement formats

    remarketing configuration

  • 6. Ad campaign optimization

    account development strategy

    ad campaign optimization


100% Money Back Guarantee
In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the course taken, we will refund the full cost of the course


Why Do You Need To Take It?

ppc_05 boosting traffic to your site
PPC is the best way to deliver paid traffic to your site by getting your ad on the first page of search results. You will master how to efficiently promote your website using paid search.
ppc_06 campaigns adjusted for your needs
A huge advantage of Google AdWords is that it is easily customized allowing you to flexibly adjust your ad campaign relevant to your needs. Other preferences of paid search marketing include immediate visibility of your site, budget flexibility and the ability to monitor visitors in real time.

Who Is This Course For?

marketing professionals
creating an efficient marketing strategy to pay off when it comes to increasing conversion rate
enterpreneurs and business owners aiming to dominate on top of search engines rankings instantly internet marketers
searching for comprehensive tools to target their audience and get the maximum ROI

After Attending This Course, You Will:

Be able to launch context advertisement in Google Adwords Pass through all the stages from account registration to ad campaign launching
Master knowledge and skills for further optimization of your ad campaigns.

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