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In 2008 we established the Agency of UK Internet Marketing ‘WebPromo’.
Our aim was to help businesses make the best of their online presence by providing the range of services such as:

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It was a success. Internet Marketing was developing drastically and companies were interested in the services we delivered.
For over 7 years WebPromo has been helping businesses achieve their goals through developing over 1500 successful Digital Marketing Campaigns.
As we were growing, we felt the crucial necessity to teach our new staff. On the other hand, we were getting numerous requests from our clients to educate their staff in online marketing.
That was the stage, when we first thought about creating the Academy of Internet Marketing.
When we started Academy WebPromoExperts in 2012, it was even greater success, than the Agency. We educated far more students than our staff and our clients’ staff. Business owners, startuppers, experienced and entry-level marketers from various companies were our students during these 3 years.
What is WebPromo.Expert?

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6 years 25000 students 80000 students
Of delivering world-class educational courses in online marketing Successfully enrolled with our courses on Internet marketing took part in our free webinars and online conferences

Best industry practitioner became our lecturers. As we struggled to deliver the best and up-to-date knowledge, we were constantly following the world most prominent resources, blogs and cooperating with the most prominent web services.

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We became #1 Academy of Internet Marketing in Ukraine.
For over 3 years we have been giving the courses in Internet Marketing. We have certified about 2500 digital marketing professionals. For years, we have seen how our students pursue their careers in online marketing by improving online performance of the companies they work for or developing their own successful businesses online. Their results are inspiring and that is what motivates us to do our job.
We offer our courses globally.
We are trying delivering world-class educational courses in online marketing based on the latest knowledge and technical expertise. That is why we offer courses in online marketing for international audience aiming to advance their online marketing competence.

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