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Is it easier to be an SEO for a small business or a big business?

Date: 1st December

Time: 9.00 am EST, 14.00 GMT, 16.00 Kiev, 17.00 Moscow

    Major points:

  • What SEOs in small businesses can learn from SEOs in big businesses
  • What SEOs in big businesses can learn from SEOs in small businesses
  • How SEOs in small businesses can compete with SEOs in big businesses
  • How SEOs in big businesses can compete in a bureaucratic world



You can choose just to listen David’s presentation here

but it is much more fun on video

David Bain
David Bain is Head of Growth for, the SEO platform with big insight. He brings over 10 years SEO experience with him, having previously worked as Senior Search Manager for the biggest independent SEO agency in the UK, started up an SEO department for a large media agency in Australia and worked as Head of SEO for a leading telecom group. He’s previously spoken at events such as SMX in New York, Marketing Week in Australia and at BrightonSEO in the UK. David is also Founder and Host at Digital Marketing Radio.


About Webinar
In this webinar David will focus on the challenging differences between being an SEO for a small business and being an SEO for a large business, and what the two can learn off each other. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always about who has the largest budget. David explores the different advantages that smaller businesses hold over larger businesses when it comes to SEO. He also looks at how you can still win as an SEO in larger businesses, even though you don’t control everything on the websites that you look after.

We suggest this webinar is for

  • Entrepreneurial SEOs who need to compete with the big boys
  • SEOs who work in large organisations and need to understand why smaller businesses are out-ranking them
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing professionals
  • Small business owners

Get on board!


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