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Ihor Yakovets

Игорь Яковец
CEO at ‘Govilall’, Internet Marketing Agency


Ihor Yakovets is working in Digital Marketing since 2008. He started his career working as an expert in WebPromo agency, where he was engaged in designing and managing a great variety of projects for Ukrainian firms as well as for foreign companies.


During his 7 years work in Digital Marketing, Ihor has been collaborating with such clients as TUI, Galopom, Runfaces, Hottour, Viewster,


The real confirmation of Ihor’s mastership were receiving of prestigious certificates Google Analytics Individual Qualification and Google AdWords Individual Qualification and becoming a recognized expert at PPC.


Now Ihor occupies the position of CEO at “Govilall” Internet Marketing Services and is one of the leading and most experienced tutors in the Academy of Internet Marketing “WebPromoExperts”.


Ihor regularly takes part both in local and in international conferences on Digital Marketing, including PPC Day, Optimization, CPA Conf, OWOX and others.