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The Best Practice for Using SimilarWeb

Ariel Rosenstein, Sr. Marketing Director at SimilarWeb



SimilarWeb is a large international panel measuring over 34000 of applications: every website, every mobile application is being tracked through it. SimilarWeb both collects and distributes data, so it allows examining key trends at your business environment.

How the data is collected?

SimilarWeb has the largest panel of devices in the world: over 5 thousands of different pieces of software, browser extensions and mobile applications. Websites are directly connected with SimilarWeb through their Google Analytics data. As a result, it is able to provide the data for you to estimate your progress and analyze your competitors.
SimilarWeb uses your ISP (Internet Service Providers) partnerships and customers’ data which helps us estimate the size of traffic to your website to be more accurate. And finally, SimilarWeb  has its own Crawler to build their own accurate map providing the outlook of linking, traffic and the categorization.


SimilarWeb Customers

The biggest players in e-commerce, finance and research industry are customers of SimilarWeb. Google is their customer too. SimilarWeb also provides data to top media. Bloomberg, Businessweek Technology, Mashable, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Business Insider, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Forbes, The New Yorker are their customers as well.




Case Study 1: The $3 Million Post about Online Glasses

This story highlights the power of blogging. There’s a new trend for getting glasses online all across the globe and there are several companies and start-ups that have sprung up to it.


In SimilarWeb you can see that on July 1, 2014 there was an overall traffic increase by 12% at the industry. It happened after the blog LifeHacker wrote the first ever post about five best online glasses stores. If you look at the referral traffic, you can see how much visits got some stores. We calculate the shares of traffic to the access page of each site and we can make the assumption about the average cost of a pair of glasses assuming that people will buy one pair per purchase from the different stores. Basing on that total revenue for this recommendation post was close to three million dollars.


So, what’s the impact for you as online marketers? With starting to see at the industry level, geographical level, impact items like this you can know how to focus your marketing plan. If you’re working hard on your budget, you can say, “I would do a sponsored post.”


Ozon Travel


Case Study 2: Ozon Travel

Ozon Travel is a Russian travel site selling tickets, tours and cruises. Travel traffic in 2014 reached the peak in the middle of the summer and then there was a significant traffic loss caused by currency fluctuations and government travel restrictions.


Most of the travel companies had suffered significant losses of traffic during the summer of 2014. The big ones as Pegas Touristic, Tez-tour survived, but they lost their leading positions; smaller ones went out of business, they had a complete stop of traffic. Many of those bankrupted Russian travel agencies had relied heavily on online business, and then suddenly it had disappeared.


Being able to understand the market you are in will help you to understand how to survive. Ozon Travel was a big winner, it was able to survive, as they realized it was a right time to increase their advertising.




Keyword Best Practice: Industry Analysis


SimilarWeb number one practice is Industry Analysis. SimilarWeb allows you looking up any website for free. You can estimate the traffic, the marketing strategy, traffic sources, referring sites, top keywords, top social networks, top display advertising, the audience interests, similar sites, connected mobile apps etc.


Now let’s take a look at the industrial sales. We’ll look at the shopping industry. In the United States 12.5% of traffic is a paid traffic. That’s a very competitive industry. We can see that the overall of search of most sports in terms of traffic is Amazon, and then eBay and Walmart, which makes them three biggest retailers in the US.




Reveal Your Not Provided Keywords

The next thing is revealing your “Not provided keywords”. In SimilarWeb we are tracking the data an see what happens before and after click, which is something that Google Analytics isn’t allowed to see. We do the website analysis for the top website like Amazon at the United Kingdom and look for the search traffic sources over the last six months.


We can see the split between paid and organic traffic. When we look at organic traffic, we can know how much traffic comes from random searches. Almost 50% of Amazon’s organic traffic is coming over the top pitchers at We also can see at the top of different products that people are searching for other search engines. This is amazing data for anybody who does SEO. We can look at this data and know which SEO keywords are most important for competitors.

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