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How to Rank for Any Keyword on the Planet

Ryan Stewart is a digital marketing consultant and owner of the agency called “Webris” – this is a Miami based content marketing & design agency. He has consulted for corporate giants like “Best Buy”, created digital strategies for a lot of companies like Central Defense Department, “SapientNitro”, “Accenture” etc. But he became famous after publishing an article “Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too”.


In order to understand the secrets of SEO, first of all, need to build something value for the customers and then go out and promoting it. “It sound simple, maybe even stupid, but it really works!”, – explains Stewart.


Brands are dominated right now by SERPS (a search engine results page). Brands are using as authoritative links, from quality sites to good sites, private blog networks, Social Media share – this is going through the web, in order to understand where the people are hanging out in web and most of the Inet users are really spending more than 90% of time on Social Media Sites. So if the advertising media are not “pushed” through these sites, Google sees that, even if on the browsers settings from a part of users is “no follow links”, they steel push it through.



A lot of SEO-specialists using PBN (Private Blog Network). Here is a data such as Quality signals:

  • Relevant, authoritative links;
  • Social Media shares;
  • Brand mentions (aka “buzz”).

All these important signals CAN NOT be faked.



PBN are websites that people using for link building. And what people do – SEOs do too, they going to a site like “Go Daddy”, where you can register “Drop Domains” – this is cheap domains and people buy them for link building. The problem is that is easy to recognize a drop domain – just need to dumping it into a tool like a “SEMrush”. So using PBN for link building doesn’t work anymore, because Google in a moment got super intelligent that immediately recognize such stuff, and simple remove them – so generally is a waste of time and resources.


Social signals are technique of selling “tweets”. User signals are a big part of SEO. So things like “downswing”, when people come to the website from Google and “dance right away” – it tells to Google that your web-site might not be a good result, so you losing a ranking, because mostly SEO-workers just sending bots in order to keep a fake traffic. “You can FAKE the signals, but you will never compete with the real Social signals…”, – says Ryan.


First of all, need to create valuable content of your site, blog or SM account. It doesn’t mean to create exclusive news worthy content. It is all about striking emotion with your audience. Just evoke a new thought, idea, a way of thinking, a feeling or just a bright spot in someone’s day! People want to hear your voice and take own opinion. But need to do it consistently.


SEO is about to understand what the clients want – hand out where the audience is hanging out. “For example, I just joined to an online Coupon group. Even if personally I don’t understand a damn thing from, I just found out that people really love it!  That means I learned quite a lot about who is my target audience – just by joining on Facebook groups”, – explains Ryan.


The content explanation means this: retool your content, create videos based on it, create a PowerPoint doc and upload to SlideShare, create an infographic from the main points, write guest blog posts about specific portions of it.


Before writing such content, need to ask:

  • Which information is your audience seeking? “Quora” is a great place to start.
  • Which information is your audience actively seeking? Pick pain points that you active need help with
  • Have you done anything cool lately? People respond well to data, general info, they love to hear about cool stuff. Understand that different content types rank difference. Q&A posts, opinion blog posts, review posts. Remember, content-marketing doesn’t always take place of your website. Crafting a well thought out response to a thread is a tremendous way to spread your reach.
  • FAQ. Definitions, posts addressing, specific industry questions, knowledge sections.
  • Google ranks are a ton of wiki answers for specific questions, they are a great way to inject specific knowledge onto your site.
  • Videos. Examples: Power point, SlideShare. People are using Slide share, because they better watch 2 min video how to do something, like how to tie a tie, than reading 10.000 words about it. Important to know that Youtube rise up to 70% this year.



Make sure you are structured the data for search:

  • URL;
  • Title and Header tags;
  • Images (compressed for speed too);
  • Navigation (where will the content live).


It is important to know how to put content on the site and structure it for internal Search as well for the external Search. Also important added Ryan: “Forums are not Dead. I personally love, really powerful, there are millions of places similar like this, Social media groups are also the great idea, I also started my own which I have 3000 users on it already. I have a News Letter list (followers) about 30.000 people, and all I am using for sending out links to my content and just to say “what’s up?!” Use your e-mail signature, I personally like to use it, because it is a great way to drive!



I get a lot of traffic by Twitter, which by own calculation I made over a 1000 in month, a lot of people are viewing my Twitter profile”. SO:


  • Be online 24/7!
  • Post to forums, keep yourself active in communities;
  • Social Media groups are also a very good way to promote your concepts;
  • Blog comments, be active in this area.


The key is to not spam everything with your info, the key is to build a relationship, to be natural for the people, show own face, let them to know that you are there for them… Social groups are a great way to EARN trust. And also to get the traffic on your site. Building relationships is the most important concept in the Digital Marketing, especially SEO. Having friends on all other sides is good for flexibility.


But the most important secret is: the most interesting content comes, when you are truly interested. “Find some way to add valuable info, with the time they might understand who you are, ‘cause if you start to pitch already, you have to be good, the key is about – only to be patient, very patient.


Generally it took me 4 till 5 months to learn all this very well and get this kind of High Ranking SEO Digital Marketing results. It is important that you Love this one, be passionate about what you are doing. I personally LOVE Digital Marketing and feel happy to awake every morning for doing this!”, – share his own secrets Ryan Stewart.

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