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How To Improve Your SEO With Social Media

Date: 21st of June

Time: 9am LA, 12pm NY, 5pm London, 19.00 Kiev

    Major points:

  • 2016: The Online Age of Experience
  • Google doesn't care about what you're saying, unless somebody else does
  • That was Easy: Social Sharing Plugins
  • Why social means mobile

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Dagmar Gatell

Dagmar Gatell is an SEO consultant, coach and strategist. She is the founder of Global Empire SEO Consulting and the co-founder and chief strategist of Sozial Monster. Sozial Monster is the revolution in sales lead and demand generation. The combination of the founders Dagmar Gatell and Scott Johnson’s combined SEO and Digital Marketing Expertise, along with global relationships and revenue development experience leads to exciting growth opportunities for their clients, resulting into new leads in existing markets, and expanding into new markets. Find out more about Sozial Monster at


About Webinar
7 Steps From Invisible To Be Found And Recognized Online

Google said Social Media signals are not ranking factor, well maybe not the direct one, but when Social Media and SEO goes together it helps, well a lot. During the webinar, you will learn 7 practical steps how to do Social Media right and become from Mr. Invisible to “We know him”.


This webinar has special features, Guests of Honor(confirmed)
David Sayce
David Sayce is a digital marketing consultant based in London
Ammon Johns
Ammon Johns, Innovative Online Marketing and SEO Pioneer, Ammon Johns & Company
Well, Ammon said “Maybe”, depends on workload, I hope he will make it.

Dawn Anderson, Digital Marketing & SEO Search Strategy Consultant – Director at Move It Marketing

Igor Go
Igor Go, Head of Content Marketing department at Serpstat. SEO and Analytics specialist.
Michael Stricker
Michael Stricker
We suggest this webinar is for

  • For entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to be seen as go-to experts and authorities online

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