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How To Get Top Influencers To Talk About Your Brand

Recently UKLinkology ran an expert round up about blogger outreach tools and strategies.


40 experts were interviewed, and out of 40, 6 of them mentioned our blogger outreach software, NinjaOutreach, a total of 14 times.


For a tool that’s only been on the market for 9 months – that’s pretty good. In fact it puts us up there with the top tools that have been around for years.


What’s not surprising is that we have built relationships with each of the 6 influencers who mentioned us, and as you can see, it’s paid off.


So, how can you build relationships with influencers so that they talk about you when it counts?


ninja mission


Build A Brand People Love


People talk about tools, but they talk about brands more.


What’s the difference between a tool and a brand?


Tools provide a function, brands have a personality.


We’re fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we write awesome content about marketing, blogger outreach, and startups.


This is the type of stuff that draws people to your brand and makes them want to get to know you.


Give Value Whenever And To Whoever You Can


So how do you build up a strong brand?

Firstly, it starts with giving value to people.


The first way in which we try to add value is by producing content that excites people, for example, this case study on how we got Brian Dean to follow us on Twitter.


Not everyone is going to use your product or service, but many people can benefit from your content if you’re providing real value to your niche.


Outside of that, when we reach out to bloggers we always try to give value to them and their audience.


For example, here’s a typical pitch I might send to ask if someone is willing to review our product:


Hey [First Name]

My name is Dave and I run – a blogger prospecting and outreach software.

I saw the post you wrote on the best free photo editing tools and I thought it was top notch!

We just launched and we’re looking to get the word out through product reviews – would you be interested?

I’d be happy to give you:

  • 1 years free use of the product
  • Several licenses to giveaway to your audience
  • Affiliate program with 50% commissions (

Let me know what you think!



P.S. please let me know if there is anything of YOURS that I can promote for you. I’m happy to share it on my social media accounts and with my audience.


Can you see all the ways in which we are trying to give value to the blogger? Whether or not they agree to the product review, they can’t claim that we’re simply looking to get something for nothing.


Luckily, many people have come on board to review the product, and they are the very same people who are mentioning it in that post!




Have An Awesome Product And More Awesome Support!


The most important thing to an influencer is their brand – it’s what makes them an influencer.


When influencers talk about you, they are putting their brand at risk. If you don’t deliver or let their audience down, it reflects poorly on them.


Therefore, the easiest way to get influencers behind you is simply to have an awesome product.


Now, this is easier said than done. It’s taken us over a year to build a decent blogger outreach tool and we still have a long way to go.


But nowadays people talk about us more than ever before and with less hesitation because they trust the product.


Part of that is a function of having awesome support. As long as people know you’re there with them, they know they can get through any problems they might run into along the way.



Be A Human Being


Part of having a brand that electrifies people is being human.


This is particularly relevant when you literally have someone who can be the face of the brand.


Between my CoFounders and I, we are known as the guys from NinjaOutreach. This is because:


  • We participate in expert round ups
  • We meet with sign ups on the phone
  • We write guest posts on popular blogs
  • We appear on podcasts and in interviews


Basically, we’re out there, as much as a few guys can be.


People have a lot more empathy towards individuals than large conglomerates, so playing the “we’re a small team doing our best” angle works well to get people to notice us.


And whenever people say nice things about us, we try to capture those testimonials and build authority into our personal brand, which transfers over to the business.




How To Apply This To Your Business


Everyone wants to be talked about by influencers in their space.


The typical approach is to try to yell loudly in everyone’s face.


While outreach is generally a necessary part of influencer marketing, it doesn’t have to be the focus.


The focus should be on creating a brand that people want to get to know. If you do that, they will come to you, making your job a lot easier and sustainable in the long term.


David Schneider 1/3rd of an exciting new marketing software called NinjaOutreach.  He blogs about entrepreneurship at SelfMadeBusinessman and tweets @ninjaoutreach


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