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Online Marketing Fundamentals

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Are You Satisfied With Your Online Performance?

Traditional marketing is over
Nowadays, online marketing is driving businesses. Hundreds of companies have boosted their business through Internet Marketing channels.
Is your online marketing efficient?
According to our research, about 50% of companies use only 2-3 online marketing tools (mostly PPC and SEO), which is not an effective online strategy on a competitive market.

You can get much more out of it!
In order to achieve substantial growth of conversion in a highly competitive business segment you need to have a clear understanding of fundamental online tools and benefit from the synergy of using them.

Why Did We Create This Course?


Tracking innovations is important Online marketing is a drastically developed area. It is crucial to catch the latest novelties and updates, but we met quite a solid number of marketers, who suffered from lack of knowledge and competence in fundamentals. Knowing fundamentals is essential There are many opportunities to improve your online marketing competence such as guides, white papers, video tutorials, webinars, blogs etc. Still we felt a great need in the course that starts at the beginning to equip intelligent professionals with a healthy balance of strategic and tactical advice.

Course Programme

  • General strategy and web analytics system.

    opportunities for your business in Internet

    components of Internet marketing integral strategies

    purpose of web-analytics systems

    advantages and operation principles of search advertising

    Search Engine Optimization goals

    tasks solved by social media

  • Google Analytics

    key performance indicators (KPIs)

    goals and events

    ecommerce tracking

    calls tracking

    conversion rate optimization - CRO

  • PPC advertising. Part 1

    the benefits of PPC advertising

    PPC advertising opportunities

    search ads (principles of placement, payment methods)

    structure of your Google AdWords account

    keyword research

  • PPC advertising. Part 2

    create and group ads

    campaign optimization

    linking Analytics with AdWords

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Internal optimization

    website indexing by search engines

    fighting duplicate content

    code and design errors

    content requirements

    site links


    External optimization

    getting links

    what are links

    link resource profile

    analysis tools for reference link profiles

    link competitors analysis

  • Social Media Marketing

    review of social media and social network stats

    social networks for business

    main components of SMM-strategy

    where to advertise

    content strategy

    work with opinion leaders

  • Email-marketing

    Who needs email-marketing

    How does it work

    How to write a letter

    How to choose the service

    What to analyze

  • Summary

    what is the usability of websites

    how to understand whether your site is good for user

    how usability impact on sales / orders / subscriptions

    how to create selling pages

    what to test and how often

    case studies


100% Money Back Guarantee
In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the course taken, we will refund the full cost of the course


Why Do You Need To Take It?

Benefit from the synergy
We strongly believe that using the full range of fundamental online marketing instruments such as SEO, PPC, analytics, e-mail marketing and SMM in your strategy and benefiting from the synergy of them, substantially increase your sales .
Improve your ROI
Our course is designed to help you connect the many moving parts of marketing to your big-picture goal, which is ROI.
Grow your business
For years, we see how companies improve their online performance and grow their businesses as a result of attending the course and their results are inspiring.

Who Is This Course For?

first-time internet marketers
aiming to improve their marketing competence
enterpreneurs and business owners
aiming to boost their online marketing performance
entry to mid-level candidates
willing to start their career in internet marketing

in need of resources to train their direct reports

After Attending This Course, You Will:

Set up goals online
have a clear understanding of how to to set up your business goals online
Launch ad campaign
know how to launch your ad campaign in Google Adwords and evaluate its performance
Identify indicators
know how to identify key performance indicators of your resource
Monitor traffic
will be able to measure and monitor your online traffic
Optimize web-site
will be able to optimize your web-site and promote it in search engines
Develop strategy
will be able to develop online strategy for your company

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