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Creating a Customer-Centric Content Strategy

Casie Gillette, Director of Online Marketing, KoMarketing, Boston-based B2B digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing. The video of the webinar you can see here.


The New Customer Experience


Customer experience is the product or an interaction between an organization and a customer over duration of their relationship. This includes a customer’s attraction, awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy and purchase and use of a service.




What we face is less patience & higher expectations.

Customer experience is becoming much more important than price and product itself.




People are looking in different places. You, as a business, need to understand where are they looking and how they do it.


Customers now have the power. Brands are no longer dictating the messages. That’s all about how people talk about your brand in Internet.




Zappos: Great Customer Service


Zappos is doing a really fantastic customer service. When you search for Zappos, you see all these great stories and their articles like ‘5 great customer service ideas’. When I m a new client, this all looks impressive and makes me feel good about making a purchase.





Keyword Strategy


The way people search has also changed. People put in long tale phrases. That means they know exactly, what they are looking for. In search we need to get specific answers for the specific questions.


27% of search queries are questions


70% growth in YouTube is how-to searches in 2014


Mobile: voice search is getting bigger & bigger. The average query is 5-6 keywords.



How to find customer questions?


The possible sources could be some of the following:

  • Referral Traffic Monitoring
  • Review Sites
  • Forums  (e.g. SpiceWorks)
  • Faq Fox – is a great free marketing tool
  • Similar Web
  • Basic Monitoring in Social


Don’t track just your brand. Track your keywords and competitors.



Finding Your Content Gaps


There is a disconnect between what B2B buyers want and the content vendors actually provide. 70% of people are doing their research online before going to you. You just need to be there where they are searching. Go to those places!


Case Study

We had a client. They had very product related content. We went to user forums, analyzed customer queries and created new content in line to that. Within a month we saw 53% increases in organic traffic.


Main Steps:


  • Find customer questions
  • Use your customer support team
  • Take a look at your analytics (discover the topics converting best)
  • BuzzSumo – take a look at what is performing well
  • SharedCount – shows the difference between facebook shared and facebook likes
  • Cover all socials
  • Work with influencers (BuzzSumo helps)
  • Hashtag – search specific hashtags with demographic info






Search is changing and technology is changing in line with it.


As marketers, we must adapt and make sure we understand our customers.


Mind the gap. Give your customers real answers to their real questions.

Irina Titova



  • Casie Gillette

    Thanks so much for having me! It was a fun discussion and I’m happy to answer any questions people have!