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Free online conference «WebPromo Content Marketing Day


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15th of April. Content Marketing Day.

The big part of this Conference will be in Russian language, if you are interested please press here. But as usual, we have an International Section (English). We have done dozens of conferences, most of them on SEO, this one is the first on Content Marketing. We all know “Content is a King”, we also know SEO won’t be as efficient if is not going together with Content Marketing. We also know Content itself won’t work, you need to work with it. This is all academic, but our speakers know how to put it all in practice.
Time used is BST. British Summer Time, London


Kirsty Hulse has nearly a decade experience working in digital marketing, defining search strategies for some of the world’s largest brands. As Founder of Manyminds Digital, she gives brands access to some of the world’s leading digital talents.


David Bain is Head of Growth for Authoritas; actionable big data for enterprise content marketing. David also hosts This Week In Organic and Digital Marketing Radio, podcasts that he has turned into online events.


Katy Katz has interactive marketing experience spanning across the higher education, healthcare, technology, and small business communities. She has spoken at numerous world-recognized conferences on content marketing, social media, and brand personalization.
Katy currently leads the content strategy at Inturact, an inbound marketing agency based out of Texas, which focuses on SaaS product marketing. Connect with Katy on LinkedIn or Twitter to geek out on content, SaaS, or even your latest Netflix obsession.


WebPromoExperts DigitalBee

  • 3 speakers

    1 section

  • 1.5 hours online

    with Content Marketing gurus

  • Q&A

    with Content Marketing gurus


International Speakers (English)

  • 17:15
    Kirsty Hulse
    (Manyminds Dig.)

    When content means we cheat on conversion

  • 17:45
    David Bain

    David Bain

    How to turn your content marketing into an online event

  • 18:15
    Katy Katz

    Katy Katz

    How to Use Storytelling in Content Marketing to Secure More Leads

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