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Content Marketing Day, 15th of April

Content Marketing Day

Content Marketing is a very big and trendy topic. In the place of classical “content is a king” it is “content marketing is a must”. Content is a very broad issue, not just blog post. It could be video or even broadcast.


David Bain(Authoritas)

David Bain is Head of Growth for Authoritas; actionable big data for enterprise content marketing. David also hosts This Week In Organic and Digital Marketing Radio, podcasts that he has turned into online events.




Kirsty Hulse(Manyminds Digital)

Kirsty Hulse has nearly a decade experience working in digital marketing, defining search strategies for some of the world’s largest brands. As Founder of Manyminds Digital, she gives brands access to some of the world’s leading digital talents.



Katy Katz(Inturact)

Katy Katz has interactive marketing experience spanning across the higher education, healthcare, technology, and small business communities. She has spoken at numerous world-recognized conferences on content marketing, social media, and brand personalization.
Katy currently leads the content strategy at Inturact, an inbound marketing agency based out of Texas, which focuses on SaaS product marketing. Connect with Katy on LinkedIn or Twitter to geek out on content, SaaS, or even your latest Netflix obsession.




Anton Shulke

Anton Shulke