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Anton Woronyuk

Антон Воронюк
Head of Internet Marketing Academy, Chief development officer at Internet Agency


Anton has over 8 years experience working within the online advertising industry.  Initially he was a development manager at the Agency of Internet Marketing “WebPromo”. In 2012, he initiated establishment of Internet Marketing Academy “WebPromoExperts”, and took care of its development. Quite soon, Academy became a success and a mighty driver for the whole business.


Anton is a specialist in Digital Marketing with a wide range of experience across a diverse range of business sectors and clients both local and international. His core objectives are to provide businesses with the skills, tools and knowledge to manage their digital marketing in-house.


Due to his wide practical experience, he explicitly explains the ins and outs of using various Internet marketing tools and demonstrates plenty of case studies to illustrate the theory.

Anton has got the following professional certificates:

  • Google Analytics IQ;

  • Google AdWords IQ;

  • Google Apps IQ;

  • Bing.


Apart from that, he completed a Google’s course of advanced web-analytics: Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions, Making Sanse of Data, Digital Analytics Fundamentals


Anton is a regular speaker at digital conferences such as iForum,, Marketing Revolution etc. He is also a trainer for agencies at Google Academy and a leader at WebPromoExperts.TV – internet marketing educational channel.

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