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Ammon Johns, boy from Peckham

Ammon Johns

No journalism, no fiction. Ammon Johns about himself:


So, just in case anyone is actually interested, here’s a little bit about where I come from:
Here’s where I grew up:


Woodden Seventies


Wood Dene, Peckham


It was as gray and sterile an environment of concrete as it looks, although there are balconies running the full length of the top two floors, and every other floor below those. Those balconies, on our side of that massive block, overlooked the blocks of maisonettes that squared off blocks of the majority of the large council owned estate, but also gave a view across London to the city. From my front door, I could see The Post Office Tower, Big Ben, and much more.


Where the block of flats and maisonettes I grew up in was, there’s now just an empty space.


When my parents first moved in, they needed references to get a place. By the 80’s, homeless families would sometimes refuse a place there. My parents split up when I was a baby, so I grew up mostly as the only child of a one-parent family.


My formal education was typical for the area. I went here first
then at 11 yrs old, went to Peckham Manor school (of which I could find no images I could recognize). Bob Marley visited the school once, before I ever went there

Bob Marley in Peckham



At 13yrs old, I went to live with my father, stepmother and half-brother, who had all relocated to Hastings some years before.


The school I went to until taking my exams in Hastings has also been demolished, and like the flats, is marked only with visibly raw, empty spaces


That’s about as much as I’m willing to say publicly about my early years.


Anton Shulke

Anton Shulke



  • Kristin Drysdale

    I love the final still that makes the cover here. 😉 So apropos!

    • Gina Fiedel

      Me too!

  • Gina Fiedel

    Thanks for this interview Anton and Ammon. I enjoyed watching it and loved the IQ test.

    • Anton Shulke

      I’ll get one for you :)

  • Jeannie Hill

    Thanks for sharing this glimpse in the life of Ammon Johns. Interesting how maps come into a role with your empty spaces links.