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3 Key Elements to Building Profitable Sales Funnels

Amel Mehenaoui is a Digital Marketing Strategist who uses web analytics to improve websites’ and campaigns’ performance. She helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals expand their knowledge of web marketing to grow their profits and expertise. The video of the webinar you can see  here.


Only 48% of marketers build new landing page (which in marketing means a standalone webpage, distinct form your website, designed for a single focused objective) for each marketing campaign. That 52 % who don’t are missing great opportunities.


Three key elements a marketing campaign must have in order to bring revenues:


1.Multiple revenue-focused offers


68% of B2B businesses use their landing pages to have new sale leads for future conversion (by getting visitors’ e-mails for future offers) while they should be doing so for conversion right now.


Typical offer landing page process: drive traffic to a landing page, give a great offer, get people’s e-mails, and send them to a thank-you page, where people can download the free offer. By this, you make $0.


In fact, 48% of offers have multiple offers build in. Not doing this means missing an opportunity to grow revenues and your business.


This is how it should be done:



Example: The page below is a landing page for company’s free services. But at the top green line, it offers more services for money.





2. Funnel stacked value ladder

A landing page is just the first step of value ladder. As value goes up, the price goes up. You should have various values for various prices in your value ladder. Draw your ladder on paper with pencil – it will help you building your sales process step by step.





Example: loading lots of additional cool stuff (videos, workshops, e-books, etc.) to what you have to offer.



Your main goal in business is to take clients to the last step of the ladder: the highest-priced product with the best possible value.


3. Create 360-degree automated follow-up system

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.


E-mail is ranked #1 preferred communication channel by consumers for initial introduction to product/service, learning about product/service, and for post-purchase follow-up about product/service.





Your e-mail sequences should be automated in quantities proper for your business segment. If you have a good product and trust it’s going to help your clients, you owe it to your clients to share it with them.


Case Study: Weird campaign by Russel Brunson for Nerve Supplement.

  • The company’s sales funnel was losing money
  • It spent 18 months to perfect it
  • $1 put into ads brought back $0.40


They were asking wrong questions. You have to learn how to ask right questions:

  1. How much does it cost to acquire a customer? – It cost them $80 per customer.
  2. What’s your average cart value (how much money is made when someone buys through sales funnel)? – It was $32, which means they were losing money with every customer, despite great conversion rates! This metric is very important!


Solution implemented: they added more value & more offers, added upsells, added new products for upsells and created new products for more upsells – this increased their cart value from $32 to $163 within hours.


Within a month, they passed $100K in sales, in two months they reached over $300K in sales, and had over $500 per month after three months.

Winning formula: if you put in $1, make sure you get back $2.





Implementing advice from the slide above will make you see your revenues double or even triple.

Irina Titova



  • Amel Mehenaoui

    Thanks Anton for inviting me to present this webinar and thanks to Irina for summarizing the webinar in this blog post. Well done! Looking forward to doing more webinar with webpromo experts. Thanks again.