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What in the World is ARIA?

Date: 12th of April

Time: 11.00 am NY, 16.00 London, 18.00 Kiev, 18.00 Moscow

    Major points:

  • What is ARIA?
  • Why is ARIA needed?
  • How is ARIA applied to website or applications?
  • Examples and Questions



Kim Krause Berg and Joe Dolson

Kim Krause Berg is the President of Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC whose career began in 1995 in SEO and web design. Later trained in Human Factors and Software QA Usability and Functional Testing, she has been a usability testing consultant since 2001. Kim has been a speaker, columnist and tutor. She founded Cre8asiteforums in 1998, which was later acquired in 2012 by Internet Marketing Ninjas. She is cross trained in accessibility, information architecture, mobile design and is passionate about user experience for all people.
Joe Dolson. An accessibility consultant for Accessible Web Design for over a dozen years, Joe Dolson is a leader in accessibility for application development and websites. He is actively involved in improving accessibility within the WordPress developers’ community. A speaker, blogger and tools developer, Joe is a mentor to many. His consulting services include accessibility testing and compliance analysis and WordPress theme support.


About Webinar

Since the majority of website and software developers can see what their end users will see, it is easy to overlook the additional needs by those who use screen readers. And since accessibility itself embraces all types of special needs, we will discuss how adding ARIA provides a layer of assistance for other use cases. Joe will talk about roles, states, and properties: what they are, how you use them, and how they can help us by creating more internally consistent HTML that’s also better for people with disabilities.


ARIA is way to communicate the semantics of rich internet applications to users of assistive technology. But it’s not just useful for accessibility; ARIA is a whole meta language of semantic attributes within HTML that allows us to clearly communicate the roles, states, and properties HTML elements have in a complex web site ecosystem.


Please join us for a lively discussion between two long time friends passionate about accessibility. This webinar will be in a format of an interview.

Some links to resources and Joe’s tools here


Guest of Honor (confirmed) Joe Hall Founder/CEO at Hall Analysis Joe Hall
We suggest this webinar is for

  • This webinar is for anyone who develops software or websites, customizes WordPress themes and who wants to enhance their existing software or website for accessibility


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