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The Foundation stones of power blogging

Date: 11th December

Time: 14.00 GMT, 16.00 Kiev, 17.00 Moscow, 19.30 Delhi

    Major points:

  • Revenues vs. Reputation
  • How to do more in less time
  • The common mistakes
  • The case study
  • The common challenges and solutions
  • Free conversion tools & plugins



Sunita Biddu
Sunita Biddu is a Power Blogging coach and Internet marketing strategist. She has trained and consulted over 5000 entrepreneurs and businesses in last 11 years. Known as a crazy strategist and coach who makes even the most complicated things simple for her blogging and social media students, she has got a huge following.
Apart from feeding her blog and social networks with useful information and free resources time to time, Sunita is also the founder of SERPholiC Media, a website design and development company that creates planned, practical and professional business websites guaranteed to bring business.


About Webinar
This webinar will help you create the blog that converts into real prospects and more reputation based on few simple yet strong foundation steps. It will focus upon easy to implement and time-saving marketing activities that will help you establish as a thought leader and brand in the market.

Do you want to be inside webinar room and ask questions using microphone and camera? Yes, You can!
Use reply button on “Thank you for registration e-mail” and write to me, asking how.

We suggest this webinar is for

  • Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Marketing heads
  • Those who are blogging for quite a while yet struggling with lead generation
  • Those who are skeptical about use of blog as a marketing tool

Get on board!