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The Demise of Content Marketing Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Date: 12th of May

Time: 11.00 am NY, 16.00 London, 18.00 Kiev

    Major points:

  • How personalized content wins in crowded markets
  • Why Local SEO should be top-of-mind
  • How owning the audience means you aren't fighting for attention


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Ronell Smith

Moz Associate Ronell Smith, a business strategist with more than decade of experience helping businesses online and offline, assists companies looking to create a user experience their customers will recognize, appreciate and reward them for with their business. His passion is for removing the obstacles keeping individuals and businesses from reaching their full potential, in large part by helping them think strategically about how search, social and content work together successfully.


About Webinar

The content armageddon is upon on us, and the days of finding success via content marketing are over, we’ve been told. There’s simply too much content out there for it to be effective. Worse still, even the best content doesn’t get read or earn links. Baloney! Content marketing is still effective, and the key to making it a success is often right under our noses. Viewers will learn how brands are using personalized content, optimized for local SEO, to own their verticals, and how they can do the same.

This webinar has special features, Guests of Honor(confirmed)

Moosa Hemani
Moosa Hemani Founder of Setalks

Umar khan, SEO & Social Media Manager at fäm Properties Dubai

Kristin Drysdale
Kristin Drysdale, Community Manager/ Developer @RiteTag
Rohan Ayyar
Rohan Ayyar, Analyst. Strategist. Resultist at E2M Solutions

Amel Mehenaoui is a Digital Marketing Strategist and the founder of MobiWebMedia
We suggest this webinar is for

  • General Marketers
  • Content Marketers


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