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The convergence of SEO and Branding

Date: 21st of April

Time: 2.00 pm NY, 19.00 London, 21.00 Kiev

    Major points:

  • How to use modern SEO to build brand awareness and authority
  • The effect of SEO on branding and how to merge the two even further
  • Brand as the future of link building and increased SEO rankings


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Omi Sido

Omi Sido is an SEO and Web Development professional with more than 6 years of experience in both web and traditional advertising, promotions, events, and campaigns. He has worked on integrated campaigns for major UK clients such as Vectone Mobile, Delight Mobile, The Global Real Estate Institute and HostelWorld.
Currently, Omi Sido is an SEO Director for (the fourth largest free classified ads website in the world) and EasyRoommate (UK’s busiest flatshare website).


As an SEO professional Omi Sido breaks down his essential role as search engine optimizer into three essential parts: 1) To deliver the most useful content for any user performing a particular search, analyzing and segmenting intent to buy vs. general information gathering; 2) having the most visibility for a client’s content via hyperlinks and mentions from relevant external web pages; and 3) analyzing long-term user behavior signals, such as attracting the most clicks on a search result and continuously reducing bounce rates.


This webinar has extra features: Our Guests of Honor (confirmed):
Mr. David AmerlandDavid Amerland

and Gina FiedelGina Fiedel

About Webinar

Many marketers around the world still don’t understand that branding is indispensable for SEO. On the other side SEO is no longer solely a sales channel and when done properly it becomes a powerful brand awareness tool. So let’s make sure your SEO strategy supports your Brand.

We suggest this webinar is for

  • SEO’s, digital marketers and small business owners who want to know how to use SEO in order to improve their brand visibility

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