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Six Figure Travel Blogger To SaaS Entrepreneur with Dave Schneider of NinjaOutreach

Date: 7th of April

Time: 12.00 pm NY, 17.00 London, 19.00 Kiev,

    Major points:

  • How David started his own travel blog
  • Biggest lessons David’s learned while establishing ACoupleTravelers
  • How and why did David decide to get Virtual assistants?
  • More about Ninja outreach and SaaS businesses
  • David recommendations in building outreach platform
  • What it is like building a SaaS business?
  • What it takes to build a platform?
  • David’s main client acquisition strategy
  • What Ninja outreach does and what are the benefits it provides to people?
  • David great advice for entrepreneurs.

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Dave Schneider

Dave is Founder of NinjaOutreach, Influencer Marketing Software. Till 2012, Dave, Harvard graduate, then the business analyst for a big bank was like many other well-paid bankers, who grow through the rank and will get very rich before retiring to the country house in the Greater Boston area. But one day…


About Webinar

In 2012, Dave Schneider quit his corporate job to travel the world with his girlfriend. In this episode, we will explore why quit your job to travel the world and earn money online, and how you can too.
Everything you want to know about Start-Up.
This is the second our webinar with Dave, the first one was traditional webinar with presentation, very popular one mind you.
This episode will be in a format of a roundtable, you can be here inside webinar room, just write to me using the welcome letter (you have to register first).


This roundtable will feature 3 more start-up experts


Boaz Sasson Similarweb

Boaz Sasson will represent Similarweb. That might surprised you but Similarweb is start-up, well, big one. Boaz was one of the original 7 Samurai at SimilarWeb, started in 2009, when it was just SimilarSites, and helped the company turn into the monster that it currently is. Main responsibilities were SEO, then later advanced to managing the company’s PPC and Social efforts


Kristian Haanes

Kristian Haanes is the founder and CEO of Webinara. Serial entrepreneur with 15-plus years within B2B solution sales, management and marketing. Solid background with IT companies, SaaS/Cloud services in the Nordic countries and UK, focusing on Market Research, Leads generation, Customer Experience Management, Project Management and HR.

Jeff Robinson 200

Jeff Robinson, is a Barcelona, Spain based technology entrepreneur that backs bright entrepreneurs with big ideas. His main area of focus is deep Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Jeff has been involved in the creation, managing and financing of startups for over 30+ years. In addition, Jeff is an adjunct professor, a mentor, advisor and co-founder to many startups globally. Jeff is very active and responsive at his Twitter handle @contrariansmind.

We suggest this webinar is for

  • Anyone who wants to be his own boss and travel the world
  • StartUpers

Get on board!