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Metric Misuse – The 10 Ways We Use Data That We Probably Shouldn’t

Date: 28th of January

Time: 10.00 am EST, 15.00 GMT, 17.00 Kiev, 18.00 Moscow

    Major points:

  • To have a better understanding of the data we use and where its weaknesses lie
  • To re-think how you set KPIs for campaigns and what this means
  • To gain confidence in using data to make informed decisions



Chris Green
Chris Green is Head of SEO at StrategiQ Marketing a technical SEO who started out writing Copy in the trenches during the “olden days” of search. A digital obsessive, closet spreadsheet enthusiast and ex-film/literature student who doesn’t really like films.

About Webinar
Digital Marketers love data, perhaps too much at sometimes – this can lead to a false sense of security. When you express something as a numeric value it can lead people to believe that it’s correct or that it says more than it actually does. In this webinar I hope to cover the most misused metrics and plot a way for us to be able to use them to gain meaningful insights from them.

We suggest this webinar is for

  • Entry/mid-level digital marketers
  • website owners or those new to digital marketing, but want to understand more.

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