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Legacy is more important than currency

Date: Due to Rodrigo's son illness webinar has been canceled


    Major points:

  • Giving is better than taking
  • Social assets had changed
  • Sharing is the best way to show that you care
  • Connect and be deep
  • Legacy is more important than currency


Rodrigo Barros

Rodrigo is a young visionary who started very early as an entrepreneur and since then has been absorbing new knowledge about entrepreneurships, the mindset of innovative ecosystems, startups and people who can change the world by creating incredible things. Rodrigo has enterprises in many different areas such as HandsOn TV, Salad Creations, Unifox, Flex-Form and Puro Digital, brands that contain Rodrigo Barros’ innovative DNA. Rodrigo has become a must-have speaker in the entrepreneurship area, nationally and internationally.
He shares with selected audiences of entrepreneurs, professionals and future businessmen, the legacy of his experience as an entrepreneur. What is his main purpose? To encourage and inspire people to expand their perspectives, get out of their comfort zone and execute their ideas, through a concept he calls “The mindset of the new entrepreneur”.

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About Webinar
Rodrigo will be talking about the importance of engagement and a deep relationship with your audience, how to get, keep and grow it. Even though that sounds very philosophical, Rodrigo is taking a practical approach.

We suggest this webinar is for

  • for anyone that want to understand the new era and behavior for human being
  • for anyone that want to understand the new era and behavior for human being
  • For anyone who wants to grow inside a company by having an innovative mindset
  • Marketing and communication professionals

Get on board!