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How to plan and organize your web writing with verve

Date: 9th of June

Time: 11.00 am LA, 2 pm NY, 7 pm London, 21.00 Sofia, 21.00 Kiev

    Major points:

  • What processes to set as to write topical and relevant content
  • How to create authentic reading experiences across the web
  • How to implement basic SEO understanding to your writing
  • Why the Semantic Web matters for your texts
  • How to use writing for creating a findable digital footprint

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Teodora Petkova

Teodora Petkova is a freelance content writer in love with the metamorphoses of text on the Web. Curious about our networked lives, she explores how the Semantic Web vision unfolds, transforming the possibilities of the written word.


A proud (and a happily sleep-deprived) mom of a three-months old Alexander, currently Teodora is helping Ontotext with their content strategy and writing a series of blog posts for their blog called Semantic Technologies in Plain English.

You can contact her at or via one of her social accounts below:
Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn


About Webinar
Intertextuality translated into practical advice on content writing

The webinar will first outline the conceptual basis of good content writing and further provide you with practical steps for crafting written pieces that improve your visibility and resonate with your customers and prospects.


You will learn why and how aiming to create meaningful time for your audiences will make your web writing shine.


This webinar has special features, Guests of Honor(confirmed)
Gina Fiedel

Gina Fiedel is the co-founder/owner of Fat Eyes Web Development. Founded in 1998 with her husband, Doug Anderson, Fat Eyes is a perfect application for her multi-layered skills in art, design and project management. After having a successful career as an artist, pivotal management experiences along the way and transitioning into electronic media in the early 90’s, it just makes sense.


She finds that being engaged in business and collaborating with clients allows for startling opportunities in communication. Writing as a part of that is a process of immersion that she loves because it is a form of art.

Nina Trankova
Nina Trankova, Google Expert, G+Create Community, Social Media Manager, Consulting, Leadership Projects

Mary Stovall
Mary Stovall, Google For Business :: Google For Non-Profits :: Digital Marketing at Mary Stovall
Zara Altair
Zara Altair, Semantic Writing. Actation Now!
Omi Sido
Omi Sido, Global Head of SEO at and EasyRoomate
We suggest this webinar is for

  • Search Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Marketing Directors

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