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How To Find and Fix Common Technical SEO Issues

Date: 19th of January

Time: 9.00 am EST, 14.00 GMT, 16.00 Kiev, 17.00 Moscow

    Major points:

  • What technical SEO issues are most common on medium and large websites?
  • How can you find out which issues your site might suffer from?
  • What are the best fixes for these technical SEO issues?




Barry Adams
Despite the anglophonic name, Barry Adams is a native Dutchman living and working in Belfast, Northern Ireland where he’s established himself as the foremost SEO consultant in the country, operating as Polemic Digital.
Barry’s been doing SEO in one form or another since 1998, which means he’s lost quite a bit of his sanity along the way, resulting in regular twitter rants and contrarian blog posts which resulted in him getting blocked on twitter by Danny Sullivan.
Barry also teaches SEO and other digital topics for the Ulster University, Queen’s University Belfast, and the Digital Marketing Institute, and is the senior editor at the award-winning European digital marketing blog State of Digital.


About Webinar
In this webinar Barry Adams will explain a number of technical SEO issues that many larger websites suffer from. He will show ways to discover these issues and provide solutions to solve these issues optimally.

We suggest this webinar is for

  • Agency SEO consultants
  • In-house SEO executives
  • Ecommerce SEO specialists

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